• Since 1920 The Garden was in the state property, after it was in property of various organizations;
  • In 1925-1926 It was in subordination of All-Union Institute of Applied Botany; Institute of  New Plants of East Transcaucasian Experimental Station;
  • In 1945-1964 Experimental Base Institute of “Gardenig,Vinegrowing and Subtropical Plants”;
  • In 1964 -1966  Operated under the Ministry of Health
  • In 1966-1996 Institute has been included to the structure of Botanical Institute of ANAS;
  • In 1996  By Order of  Presidium  NAS of Azerbaijan and the Department of Biological Sciences Mardakan Dendrary has subordinated to Deparment of Biological  Sciences NAS of Azebaijan and it has been given a legal status to it;
  • Since 2014 Mardakan Dendrary NAS of Azerbaijan is renamed to the Institute of   Dendrology Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences by the order of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic № 104 on 04.15.2014. At the  moment Institute of Dendrology is a member of World Botanical Gardens. It has partnered with more than 100 botanical gardens.