International relations


World Botanical Gardens;

REA Chief Botanical Garden;

Botanical Garden named after N.N.  Grişin of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences;

Sofiyevka Dendrology park;

REA Central Siberian Botanical Garden;

Botanical Garden of Petrozavodsk State University;

Botanical Garden of the Center of Belarusian National Academy of Sciences;

Dendrology Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences;

Continued its scientific cooperation with Moldovan E.A Botanical Garden and so on.

Systematic investigations of trees and shrubs, taxonomic indicators, distribution areas, decorative, essential oils, medicinal herbs, and natural and cultural flora were investigated.

An agreement was signed on biological department of the Mediterranean University of Turkey and Botanical Garden “Comparative monitoring of trees and shrubs of Absheron with tree and shrub vegetation at the Mediterranean University Botanical Garden Implementation and Research Center”.

“The Pamukkale University has signed a contract with Flora and Fauna Research, Development and Implementation Center to develop mutual cooperation in science and education.”