* Institute of Dendrology of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences is a natural and historical museum.

* Collections are grouped here on the basis of systematic kinship principles. Dendrary is considered as an example of landscape architectureas of the national treasures.

* In the below collection funds are collected 1800 species, including 1540 forms and sorts. Dendrary— 700 species Cultural plants – 600 species Decorative plants — over 480 species Fund hothouses— 270 species

* 255 species of Mediterranean countries, 105 species from Australia and New Zealand flora, 420 species of Caucasian flora, 170 species of East Asian flora, 180 species from North and South America, and more than 109 species of trees and shrubs from Central Asia flora.

* From less widespread perennial species are characterized 75 species and 162 species, 28 species and 56 sorts of cactuses, as well as other plant collections are characterized by diversity of varieties.

* At Institute of Dendrology are functioned S.A.Yesenin, İ.N.Vavilov Museums. There are established the conference hall of the Institute of Dendrology Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences and 20 roomed guest houses.

* Visitors of the garden have being informed detailed by guides bout the historical monuments and the plants of our garden.

Work hours: 09:00 — 18:00

Excursion without payment: Workers of ANAS War and labor veterans Orphaned children and boarding schools Children under 5 years Excursion with payment: Children above 5 years to 9 — 1.0 AZN Above 9 years – 2.0 AZN For foreigners – 5.0 AZN

Contact details for Excursions: (+99412) 454-82-96 Address: Azerbaijan, Baku city, Mardakan settle., S.Yesenin str.89, Az 1044 E-mail. dendrary@mail .az Tel: (+99412) 454-10-50