On April 30, Leyla Aliyeva, Vice President of the Heydar Aliyev Foundation, founder and head of the IDEA Public Union, visited the Ghizil-Agaj National Park.

After getting acquainted with the territory of the national park, rich fauna, and flora, Leyla Aliyeva then discussed with the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mukhtar Babayev the prospects for future development of specially protected natural areas, including coastal and marine reserves. During the visit, Leyla Aliyeva attended a ceremony to plant Eldar pines in the national park in order to demonstrate support for the release of fingerlings into the Small Ghizil-Agaj Bay of the Caspian Sea, as well as to increase the country’s green and forest areas.

1769 / 5000 Translation results It should be noted that the Ghizil-Agaj National Park, established on September 26, 2018, includes the Ghizil-Agaj State Nature Reserve and the entire Ghizil-Agaj Bay and is the first protected maritime area in the Caspian Sea. The protection of the water area of ​​Ghizil-Agaj National Park is necessary for the survival of endangered fish species around the world.
According to a joint presentation by the IDEA Public Union and the Blue Marine Foundation, in November 2019, the national park was selected as a Hope Spot for saving the world’s waters. The places of hope are ecologically unique offshore areas declared as part of Mission Blue’s international conservation campaign. The main purpose of declaring places of hope is to support the global movement to protect the oceans and to achieve the protection of wider waters.
As it is known, in recent decades, the natural populations of fish species in the water basins of our country have reached the point of extinction as a result of the negative effects of human activities.
In this regard, on the initiative of Leyla Aliyeva, a number of important initiatives are being implemented to protect the aquatic fauna of Azerbaijan and the Caucasus region, to protect and restore the biological resources of the country’s inland water basins.
One of such initiatives is the “Rich Basins” project, implemented by the IDEA Public Union and the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources since May last year. The project envisages increasing the natural population of fish species belonging to lakes and rivers in different parts of the country, reducing pollution in inland water bodies, and organizing continuous and consistent measures to promote legal and responsible fishing.
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