Employees of the Systematics Laboratory of the Institute of Dendrology of ANAS doctor of biological sciences, professor Aliyar Ibrahimov and doctor of biological sciences, associate professor Fatmakhanim Nabiyeva  were in the expedition in Turkan, Hovsan, Pirallahi, Zira and Zira Ecopark areas

The purpose of the expedition was the re-study of the flora and vegetation of Absheron. The rapid development of oil and other industries in Absheron, global climate change, natural, anthropogenic, zoogenic, technogenic and other factors, imbalances in the ecosystem, the misuse of land as a result of human activities have led to the reducing and extinction of many wild species. While the nomenclature and systematic changes, additions and new discoveries made over the past years are scattered, the information given in separate sources is not reflected in the flora. According to researchers, although some trees and shrubs have been studied in the flora of Absheron, the plant composition has not been fully studied due to the lack of geobotanical research. The situation of the flora of Absheron, which does not reflect the modern reality, actualizes the redevelopment of the flora and vegetation of the area. The laboratory staff consistently studies the flora (cultural, natural) and flora of the area on the basis of field research, phenological observations, expeditions. Last month, five expedition teams conducted researches in the area.
Also, floristic and geobotanical research is regularly carried out on the territory of the Institute of Dendrology. More than 1,700 plant samples were collected and about 2,000 photos were taken. In the last expedition alone, 90 interesting plant specimens were collected and about 300 photos were taken. The research focused on the study of more plant communities.
At present, plant species collected from the territory of Absheron are dried, sorted, identified, and phytocenological and useful properties are described. On the basis of phenological observations conducted in the field studies, some rare endemic, relict, endangered and Red Book plant species are identified and their protection statuses are determined in accordance with international categories and criteria.
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