Martyrs do not die

Senior researcher of the laboratory “Introduction and acclimatization of trees and shrubs” of the Institute of Dendrology of ANAS, dissertation Irada Mammadova
The people of Azerbaijan are proud of their heroic Generals and patriotic servicemen – in this article I want to share my thoughts as a mother of a soldier to be with our patriotic people, to support our martyred mothers and sisters, our Supreme Commander-in-Chief.

After Azerbaijan regained its independence, our people mobilized against a number of crimes against our country, especially against the Armenian aggression and terrorism, and fought for the motherland and the nation. Many of our zealous and patriotic sons are martyred in the struggle for this cause. Their unforgettable heroism burns an eternal torch in the hearts of our people, as if illuminating the path of future generations. Our people and state highly appreciated their bravery for the Motherland and awarded them honorary titles and medals. They did not fight for fame and glory, but for holy deeds, for the inviolability of the holy land.
In this period of our global struggle against the COVID 19 pandemic, which is sweeping the world and our country at the same time, an unfinished virus has emerged, which can be seen both from inside and outside. Our state has to fight against these insidious viruses.
On July 12, the dirty Armenian side is using artillery to carry out another act of insidious aggression against our country. In doing all this, Armenia’s goal is to create a new source of tension in the region, to divert attention from the occupied territories, to disrupt the negotiation process and not to liberate Azerbaijani lands. Also, with such provocations, they want to divert attention from the difficult socio-economic situation inside and involve the organizations of which they are members in the process.
As it is known, on the night of July 14, Azerbaijani youth marched in the village of Dondar Gushchu, Tovuz, in protest of the martyrdom of our heroic servicemen by dirty aggressors and in support of our Army. The march of our young patriotic citizens in support of our Army, the clear expression of the army-people’s unity, is a proud event as a source of inspiration for the bravery of our soldiers for our Motherland. At first, I was very proud that our people are not indifferent to their lands, their army, and therefore take to the streets. Behind the scenes of this crowd, a group of provocateurs, abusing the situation, illegally entered a specially protected state facility and tried to seize the administrative building of the state body. They thought that Karabakh could be taken, including the building of the Milli Majlis. Soldiers and police guarding them at the border and inside overturned and damaged their vehicles. But during quarantine, we can only go out via SMS. It is clear that such actions of a group of saboteurs – failure to maintain distance, failure to wear masks – endanger the people and the military. It seems to me that such actions are disrespectful to our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for our land. In this case, it is necessary to turn our backs on our state, not to worry about anything, to listen to the valuable calls of our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev.
Today we have one enemy – Armenia. Our army is responding to his war against the Azerbaijani lands and people. The fact that everyone in the frontline, from soldiers to generals, is fighting in the trenches is a clear proof of this. I think that no one will be able to divert the will of the Azerbaijani people to support the army.
We are a wise people. We must not leave our feelings of love for the motherland, love for the Motherland and Karabakh, the future, the attitude to the state to a group of traitors.
Our state, in turn, informs the EU about these processes. Azerbaijan expects the European Union to distinguish between the aggressor country and the aggressed country. Thus, Armenia’s steps must be strongly condemned by the international community, including the EU. Today, I and all citizens who love their land and homeland, like me, hope that the EU will give a legal assessment to the illegal activities of Armenia in our occupied territories, including the policy of illegal settlement.
Shame on those who want to disrupt the unity of the people by using the good march of our people for evil purposes, creating confrontation, artificially sowing the seeds of social discontent. Let them not forget that every Azerbaijani who sincerely loves his homeland, people, state and president is against them and hates them. This means tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, millions.
There is a proverb in Nakhchivan, our ancient land: “The son is the enemy’s wall”. I would like every Azerbaijani who loves his homeland to raise worthy, brave, courageous sons who are able to sacrifice their lives in order to protect their motherland. In conclusion, I want to say that we must all unite closely around our Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Mr. Ilham Aliyev, and diligently implement his instructions and recommendations. If we are one, no force can defeat us.
Because we are strong together!
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