Medicinal plants containing natural antibiotics

Many plants have antibiotic properties. Of course, they cannot be compared to pharmaceuticals in terms of potency. However, naturally occurring foods are not as harmful as chemicals. They have almost no side effects and are cheaper than medicines. Natural antibiotics have many advantages. In nature, at the same time, there are special substances to protect against bacteria, viruses and fungi.

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The use of large-flowered campus in the conditions of Absheron has been studied on a scientific basis at the Institute of Dendrology

Recently, ornamental plants are widely used in the landscaping of parks and gardens in our country. The placement of these plants in compositions individually and in groups forms the basis of the decorative ensemble. In addition to the evergreen plants in the fields, deciduous trees and shrubs look beautiful not only in summer but also in winter, especially in snowy conditions. Catalpa species from such deciduous ornamental trees play an important role in landscaping, especially around highways, as well as in protecting the environment from contaminants. The research was conducted in the experimental areas of the Institute of Dendrology.

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A system has been created to monitor COVID-19 patients

Russia’s Ministry of Digital Development, Communications and Mass
Communications has developed rules for tracking coronavirus infections
based on data from geolocation and mobile operators.

According to, the rules will be based on the Ministry
of Health’s COVID-19 patient’s phone number. After that, special
algorithms will compile a list of people who are with the patient, as
well as communicate with the infected person via mobile phone.
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The latest mutation in COVID-19 is 8 times faster than the previous ones

A new type of coronavirus, COVID-19, is a very dangerous virus. Its mutation is now widely discussed and studied. Mutations in the virus also vary depending on human immunity. That is, the virus can mutate as much as it wants. Mutations can be as dangerous as they want. According to research, the latest mutation in COVID-19 has the ability to spread 8 times faster than the previous ones. Another view is that the virus can weaken as it mutates. At present, microbiologists and virologists are seriously engaged in this.

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Corresponding member of ANAS, director of the Institute of Dendrology, Tofig Mammadov gave an interview to Azerbaijani television

Tofig Mammadov spoke about the field of practice operating by the Institute of Dendrology in Saray settlement of Absheron region.
He stressed that ecologically clean agricultural products: vegetables, melons, cereals, crops are grown on the vacant land.
The scientist noted that more than 5,000 medicinal plants were planted at the Sarag Support Station of the Institute of Dendrology of ANAS in order to select quality varieties of productive agricultural plants by grouping the essential oil plants and analyzing the properties of sedafit.
It should be noted that, resistance, biological, ecological and decorative features of medicinal plants to Absheron soil-climatic conditions were studied on the basis of comprehensive scientific basis, seeds of Cupressus L., Thuja L., Pinus L. species were given, 4 High yields were obtained from soft wheat varieties per hectare.