Free Trade Union of ANAS transferred to the Support Fund to fight against Coronavirus

The Free Trade Union of ANAS has donated 10,000 Manats to the foundation to support the fight against Coronavirus established by the relevant decree of the head of State Ilham Aliyev.
AHI calls on citizens, including employees of ANAS, to be active in the fight against coronavirus and not to leave the house if there is no need.

Introduction and bioecological properties of some efir oil plants in Absheron have been studied

Irada Mammadova, senior researcher of the Institute of dendrology of Anas, conducted research to multiply some types of efir oils in Absheron, adapt them to local conditions, study biological, ecological and decorative properties.  He flavored Sedo (Ruta graveulens L), Tri-Leaf punsirus (Puncirus trifoliata L. He studied seed propagation, seed morphology and development dynamics for the purpose of introduction and climatization of Rafin species in Absheron conditions.

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On the theme “We are strong together!” the Republic online painting competition starts

 Today, the Ministry of Education No. 1 children and Youth Development Center “we are strong together!”online Republic painting competition on the theme” is launched. The competition will be held online between the members of the Association of children and youth development centers operating in Baku and other regions of the Republic from April 5 to 30. The main purpose of organizing the drawing contest was to inform the pupils about the fact that the head of the country said: Read more »

The Institute of Dendrology of ANAS has joined the campaign of financial assistance to the Support Fund for Combating Coronavirus

The Institute of Dendrology of ANAS (COVID-19) has joined the call made by President Ilham Aliyev on March 19, 2020 to prevent the spread of the pandemic in our country and protect the health of our citizens.
Corresponding member of ANAS Director of the Institute of Dendrology Tofig Mammadov transferred AZN 1,000 to the Coronavirus Support Fund.


Free access to the Microsoft Teams platform for higher and secondary education institutions

The Ministry of Education has created an opportunity to use the Microsoft Teams platform on higher and secondary special education levels free of charge for the purpose of distance education process.

The ministry said that video instructions for teachers and students on using the platform were prepared and posted on the video lessons portal ( Read more »